Mississippi Market

Exhibitor FAQs

What are the show dates and hours?

Thursday, June 7, 2018   9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Friday, June 8, 2018     9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

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If I want to place an ad or logo in the directory, what format do you need it in?

If you do not know how to design ads or logos, please employ a graphic artist to design your ads or logos.  Mississippi Market staff does not design ads or logos.  Ads and logos may be provided electronically (PC based), as an ad slick, or a clean laser original.  Electronic formats accepted are:  .eps, .jpeg, and .pdf.  Ads or artwork sent in word (.doc) format will NOT be accepted/used.

Submit ads in the following sizes:
¼ page – 3.75” wide x 4.5” tall AND 4.5” wide x 3.75” tall (Directory layout will determine which ¼ size ad runs).
½ page – 7.5” wide x 4.5” tall
Full page – 7.5” wide x 9.5” tall

Please email your high resolution 300 dpi files to msmarket@mississippi.org. No ads or logos will be accepted after May 1.  Logos and ads emailed after that date will not be printed in the directory.  For questions about ads and logos please call the market office 1-888-886-3323. 

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What do the invitations look like?

Click Here to view a sample invitation.

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How do I register for the Mississippi Market?

The Mississippi Market would prefer that you register online. Registration for returning exhibitors begins in October. Open registration begins in December. First, Click Here to complete the Online Registration Agreement using Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or an Electronic Check. This is a secure payment site.  Full payment reserves booth space. Registration closes on May 29, 2018. If you have questions call 1-888-886-3323 or email msmarket@mississippi.org.

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Who can exhibit at the Mississippi Market?

In order to exhibit at the Mississippi Market, products must be made in Mississippi and the company must be physically based in Mississippi OR if you are a wholesaler the company must be physically based in Mississippi.  This also applies to exhibitors that offer services.

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Where is the Mississippi Market located?

The Mississippi Market will be located in Jackson, Mississippi at the Mississippi Trade Mart off High Street, which is located within the State Fairgrounds Complex.

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When is the deadline to register?

Registration deadline is May 29, 2018.

Early bird registration ends March 31.  If the Exhibitor Agreement is postmarked by that date you will receive the early bird price.  After March 31 the price goes up by $100, all other fees remain the same.

You must be setup and ready to show by 9:00 a.m. the first day of the show.

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What is the Door Prize Promotion?

Each exhibitor is required to contribute a door prize to the Mississippi Market valued at a minimum of $25 wholesale price ($50 retail).  Prizes will be given away by the Mississippi Market during the show to buyers that place orders.  The more orders they place , the more chances to win!  This encourages buyers to attend the show and assists you in receiving orders.  The gift can be a product(s) or gift basket of products that represent your line of merchandise.  The gift needs to be packaged (preferably) in clear cellophane so the product is displayed and your company name is also visible.

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How does the Door Prize Promotion work?

When a buyer makes a purchase you are to give them a raffle ticket to be placed in the boxes located throughout the show floor.  The names are collected and drawn every hour.  The more the buyer purchases the more chances they have of winning a prize.  The prizes are announced every hour and also placed on boards at the door prize pick up area and the exit doors.

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Can I choose my booth location?

Booths are assigned once full payment has been made.  Booth assignments are made on a first-come, first-served basis.  We will make every effort to fulfill a request, but there are no guarantees. Refer to floor plan.

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When is setup?

Wednesday, June 6, 2018      9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

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When will I receive my exhibitor packet?

Tentatively, exhibitor packets will be mailed on April 30.

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What are the invitations for?

We provide customized invitations for you to invite current and prospective buyers.  The exhibitor agreement form provides more information. Invitations can be requested in a printed or an electronic format.  The deadline for ordering invitations is May 1.

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Is there “Cash & Carry” at any time during the show?

The Mississippi Market is an order only show.  NO bulk displays are allowed.  It is NOT a cash and carry show.  No sample sales or cash and carry sales of any kind or in any amount are allowed during the show.  Any exhibitor wishing to sell samples may do so AFTER the CLOSE of the show on Friday, June 8th at 4:00 p.m.  Any exhibitor not abiding by exhibitor policies or rules will receive a verbal warning or written warning, placing them on probation.  If a second offense occurs, during the same show or at any subsequent show, the exhibitor is subject to booth closure during the show, and will be excluded from any future Mississippi Market shows.

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What comes with my booth?

One 10’ x 10’ booth includes one six foot skirted table, one side chair, one identification sign, and one waste basket.  Curtains on the back and sides are 8’ tall and are black in color.  Corner booths have only one side curtain, or, in the case of double corner booths (end caps), no side curtains.

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Are there restrictions for hanging signs in the booth?

You may hang signs in your booth, but they can not be attached (stapled, pinned, etc.) to the curtains.  S hooks are available at the show through Covention Display Service to hang your signs.

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What if I need electricity, additional tables, etc?

Additional booth furnishings, freight service, and electrical distribution will be available through Convention Display Service (CDS) at exhibitor’s expense.  CDS will send exhibitor kits to registered exhibitors prior to the show. 

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Can I bring my own furniture, curtains, and accessories?

Yes, please feel free to bring your own furniture, curtains, and accessories to make your booth look unique.  The only restriction is that you are not allowed to attach anything to the curtains or infringe on another exhibitors booth.  S hooks are available at the show to hang your own curtains over the black and white curtains that come with the booth.

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Can my child help work the booth?

Children under the age of 16 are NOT permitted to work in the booths. NO Strollers, infants or children are allowed with exhibitors during the show.

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Do you offer any type of assistance or training?

Registered exhibitors may request an Exhibitor Workbook on how to sell, how to exhibit, and how to work with retailers.

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Is there parking available?

Yes, there is plenty of parking available for exhibitors behind the Trade Mart building.  Additional parking is available on the Fairgrounds Complex.

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Is there a list of hotels in the area?

Yes.  Please click on the following link for a list of hotels, as well as other general travel information.

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When may I dismantle my booth?

All exhibits MUST remain open and staffed during Market hours.  No booth will be closed or dismantled before the close of the show.  If you dismantle your booth before 4:00 p.m. on Friday, June 8th, you will be placed on probation and may not be allowed to exhibit at the show the following year.

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How can I contact you?

For exhibitor information, please contact Valerie Crout at 1-888-886-3323 or 601-359-2939 or email us at msmarket@mississippi.org

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