Mississippi Market

Buyer FAQs

Where is the show held?

In Jackson, Mississippi at the Mississippi Trade Mart. Parking is free.

1200 E. Mississippi Street
Jackson, MS 39202

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Who attends the Mississippi Market?

Buyers from retail stores from Mississippi and surrounding states attend the Market.  The buyers are often store owners or managers.

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Can anyone attend?

No. Only credentialed retail buyers can attend.  The show is not open to the general public.

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How are buyers screened?

Buyers must provide a tax number and two forms of buyer credentials. Acceptable credentials are any TWO of the following (in addition to a tax number):

  • Imprinted business check
  • Personalized business card
  • Cancelled payroll check
  • Executed sales tax return
  • Photograph of storefront
  • Lease agreement for commercial space
  • White or yellow page business phone listing
  • Buyer ID card from Dallas Merchandise Mart or AmericasMart in Atlanta
  • Internet businesses must provide proof of search engine with website and proof of URL
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Who exhibits in the show?

Mississippi manufacturers, artisans, wholesalers and service providers exhibit.

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What types of products are shown?

Gifts, jewelry, specialty apparel, pottery, decorative accessories, gourmet foods, garden accessories, personal accessories, art and framed art, linens, bath care products, aromatherapy products, candles, gourmet coffees and teas, childrens' accessories, specialty furniture, store supplies such as gift wrap, spiritual products, services used by retailers or exhibitors and more.

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I am a new buyer. How do I register to attend?

Click here for complete buyer registration information.

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May buyers pre-register?

Buyers may pre-register for the Mississippi Market until May 29th at midnight. 
After May 29th, buyers may register at the show on June 7 or 8 by bringing their tax number and two forms of credentials.

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Do I need to register if I have attended or registered for the Market before?

If you have registered for or attended the show in the last three years, you need to RSVP by selecting "YES" when asked have you previously attended the Market , but you do not have to send credentials. We have previously registered buyer crendentials on file. 

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I have registered to attend. Will I receive confirmation?

Yes.  You should receive an electronic confirmation when you register.

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