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1996 - 2017

Since 1996, the Existing Industry and Business (EIB) Division of the Mississippi Development Authority has hosted the Mississippi Market Wholesale Show, an event designed to bring Mississippi based business owners and artisans together with retail buyers from around the region.  The concept behind the wholesale market is to help budding entrepreneurs introduce their products, and increase business and sales for all participating vendors.  The market is not open to the general public; it is strictly for credentialed retail buyers and Mississippi-based businesses showcasing their Mississippi-made products. 

Many of the artists and businesses that made their debuts at Mississippi Market have achieved such great success, they now exhibit at larger shows in larger markets.  Many attend larger shows, but still return to the Mississippi Market each year.  As a result, 29 percent of exhibitors are brand new to the show each year.  Since 1996, one thousand and seventy-eight (1,078) businesses have exhibited in the Mississippi Market. 

After the 2009 show, the initial booth layout was expanded and sold out every year. Currently, we have over 200 booth spaces to accomodate exhibitors.  The amount of sales written at the 2017 show was  - $1,418,887. 

The show continues to increases in exhibitors and sales each year, therefore continuing to attract more buyers to the variety of great quality products Mississippians have to offer.  The Mississippi Market is held the first week of June each year at the Mississippi Trade Mart in Jackson. 

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